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Hands - Meaning of Dream


Hand is a symbol of surprises and new event. Dreaming of beautiful hands portends a high position in the surrounding of friends and colleagues.

If you dream of ugly hands of unusual shape, with flaws, it is a sign of impending trouble.

Damaged hands portend a loss of expensive things. Or rather, you will have to give it away in order to achieve success in certain matters.

Hairy hands are interpreted as the emergence of strong competitors, with whom you will have to have a serious fight.

If you dream of your own hands in blood, you will be temporary isolated from people you love.

Also hands in a dream are the sign of loss in the destiny; certain circumstances will make you step off the way to achieve success. All of this will come true if you see burned hands.

In the dream you have too small hands, it is an inducement to increase the activity. It is likely that matters proceed too slowly and need certain replenishment.

If you admire own hands, it is a sign for a woman, that she can attract a lot of men with the help of own charm. If someone starts to kiss your hands, the interpretation of the dream book by Miller warns that you need to be more circumspect in your behavior.

Dream book Miller says that large hands with unnatural size can be interpreted as the rapid advancement to the target, which will happen soon.

If you hold fire in your hands, but it does not burn you, it means that you will be successful in many affairs.

In the dream, tied hands are harbingers of impending difficulties. If you are able to untie them, it means that you will control the situation.

Amputated hand or both hands indicates a breakup of relations with a lover or spouse.

Hands are the symbol of human sociability, and relationship with the world. Also, hands express such wishes as: control, detain, or manage something. Palms of your hands often symbolize fate.

If in a dream you happen to hold something in your hands, this thing is a symbol of your destiny at the moment.

You need to remember the weight of a thing which you hold. If a thing is very easy, it means that your fate is also easy and light. In this case, serious life tests will be avoided. But if you hold something extremely heavy, it means that in real life you are responsible for a lot of things. In this case you should change something in your life.

Also you have to remember what the object you hold was. For example, if you are holding a slippery toad, and experiencing negative emotions, perhaps, you have the same attitude towards your life; even if you do not want to admit it.

But if the subject was heavy, but you enjoyed holding it in your hands, it means that you assume a lot and knowingly have chosen a difficult course of life.

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