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Hang-glider - Meaning of Dream

If you observe a hang-glider flying in the sky, this dream foreshadows desire, which, unfortunately, will never be fulfilled. The most interesting - you will understand this, but still you won’t give up the attempt to make the dream a reality. If you see a flying glider through the clouds, this dream means that you will experience a sense of guilt for own immoral and indecent act, with which you shock others.

Fallen or falling glider predicts that the affair, to which you have devoted a lot of time and effort, will suddenly collapse before the completion, and will cause you a lot of grief and tears. If you dream that you fly on a hang-glider but something goes wrong, this dream warns that in reality you might become a victim of intrigue and gossip. If you had a successful flight, you will have success in business matters in reality as well.

Hang gliding in the blue expanse of the sky is interpreted by Miller as an unhappy marriage. If you fly close to the ground, this dream promises you a difficult situation or a serious illness. If you dream as if you fly over the muddy water, it portends the machinations of enemies. Be careful not to tarnish own reputation in front of everybody. If you noticed some trees and foliage during the flight, this means that the trouble will not last for long. If you fly on a hang glider and look at the sun, you shouldn’t worry - despite the evil threats your life will get better soon. If a glider falls, it portends great misfortune.

If you see yourself flying on a hang glider, Vanga interpreted this dream as good omen, heralding the independence, freedom and positive emotions. Flight symbolizes excellence and freedom, sometimes - the desire to "fly" from everyday problems.

Freud's stated that a flight on hand-glider symbolizes your subconscious desire to engage in sophisticated sex. If the glider is old and you are afraid to take off, this dream indicates possible problems with sexuality.