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Hanger - Meaning of Dream

You will soon acquire some new thing, if you see a hanger with own closes. Hanger, which has no clothes, is a warning for a dreamer, looming serious trouble. You should not hope for the success of new projects. All undertakings are doomed to fail.

If you see many hangers, it is a prediction of a public event, such as a concert, which you will attend. It does not matter whether you like it or not. Do not be upset if the outcome of the mass performance surprises you with negative impressions.

If a rack is broken, it means that a dreamer will overcame the daily bustle. He/she will be forced to take care of relatives, which can result in overfatigue and a reduction of vitality.

Particularly unfavorable is a dream in which you hang something on a hanger, and it predicts a serious loss. If a dream was on Wednesday or Saturday night, then you or your house might be attacked by robbers. It is advisable to apprehend this dream as a warning, and be vigilant with regard to own safety.

If you don’t see anything on a hanger except your clothes, you will face loneliness in real life, the reason for which could be your pride.

Dreaming as if you come to an institution or to a theater and you discover no hanger for your coat in a closet means dishonor and humiliation in public.

If you hang a coat on a hanger, it will be difficult for you to get rid of a sassy person. To search for free hanger not occupied with clothes means concerns about the person whose health is in danger.

Hanger in a dream is a symbol of overcoming difficult obstacles; your success in achieving the goal. To hang things on it means nice surprise.

In a dream you see how you hang linen on the rope, it means that soon you will change the sphere of your occupation.

If you want to hang curtains, it means that all your secrets will be known to your colleagues.