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Hangover - Meaning of Dream

If in your dream you undergo a feeling of hangover – more likely soon in real life you will be poisoned with food or will have head disease.

To see your fellowman in a state of hangover is a bad sign, meaning that this person will suffer from mental disorder and you will not be able to do anything with that.

Hangover in a dream is a sign of a headache of unknown origin in real life; possible alcoholism. This dream is a warning, so you need to pay more attention to own health.

If you experience a hangover syndrome in your dream, it means that you are fully addicted to something. The state of hangover warns that you surrender too many passions. You need to control your life. If you continue not to care about the flow of your life, you might lose everything. Try to review own point of view about your future.

If you see a person suffering from a hangover, it means that you will need to take on someone else's fault. You won’t have any other choice, but with this action you will show your non-indifference to a friend in a difficult situation.

If you try to get rid of the hangover feeling by drinking more alcohol with your friends, it means that you need to make excuses to someone. If a dream repeats over and over again, it means that you will be charged with a crime.