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Harbor - Meaning of Dream

As a rule, the harbor is a complex image to interpret, as it can be filled with a variety of boats, ships, birds, fish so forth. Therefore, if your goal is an accurate interpretation of the dream, you need to focus and recall the details.

In any case, the harbor in a dream portends only good, basically, it is connected with pregnancy. A cozy cottage on the shore foretells a planned child, and if the harbor is calm and quiet, it means that the pregnancy will proceed successfully and safely.

If you dream of a harbor filled with ships, for the men, this dream represents the constant desire to change partners. For women this dream has the same meaning, moreover it reflects sexual hankering to the same sex.

If you dream of the harbor in bad weather, it is not a good sign. For both women and men, this means a very strong dissatisfaction with a partner and the opportunity to break up.

Lonely ship in the harbor, for a man, says that he is quite satisfied with a personal life, and he does not want to change anything. For women, this dream foretells anxiety and fear of break up with loved ones.

If observe the ships coming into the harbor, then be ready for a large profit.

Watching the ships leave the harbor forebodes loss or disappointment.

Harbor in a dream embodies a protected place where the dreamer should build up strength before setting sail again in life.