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Harem - Meaning of Dream


An image of a harem in your dreams describes your superficial attitude to life and life values. Also it is connected with your approach to the institution of marriage as well as to love, respect and faithfulness.

Seeing a harem in your dream characterizes you as a person for whom entertainments are the most important thing in his/her life. Despite your age, you aren’t going to stop. You want more and more. Your life perception isn’t serious at all. You may give yourself some slack thinking that your attitude to life will be changed as time goes by; that it’ll be enough for you with time. Take into consideration that there is a chance that it won’t correspond to the reality. Consequently, you’ll fool your entire life away. Looking back you may find nothing worthy there, but it’ll be too late to correct the mistakes. So, reconsider your attitude to life, analyze what you’ve already gained and what you’d like to gain in the future. It concerns not only your business but a private life too. Don’t make yourself regret about non-accomplished plans.

If a girl/woman is seeing herself as a concubine in a harem in her dream, it foretokens nothing good. There will be a lot of troubles on her life path, especially in romantic relationships. She will be disturbed by different anxieties. Try to overcome all of them with dignity. It is possible, if you make up your mind to do this.

Being a beloved wife among other concubines of a harem signifies that this girl/woman pursues the marriage of convenience. She doesn’t aim to find love of her whole life. She is totally ready to marry a “purse”. It is her decision how to arrange her life. If she’s ready to sacrifice her happiness to stylish dresses, it is her choice.

If in your dream you’re an owner of a harem, it presages that your behavior will be mean. It can lead to the consequences you can hardly improve. For example, you can cast a slur on your reputation or lose some of your friends. In the result they won’t trust you anymore. You may be deprived of the people who are always ready to help you and who care about you. The reason is your disgraceful words or actions. So, try not to lose temper, especially toward the people dear to your heart.

Also, such a dream foreshadows a man that he will be married several times. Because of his urge towards polygamy, he won’t be able (or won’t have a desire) to choose the one and only woman with who he could live happily for the rest of his life.

Both for women and men such a dream forebodes betrayal, jealousy and unsuccessful marriage.