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Harlequin - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of a Harlequin, this Italian comic character, it is a sign that you have unconscious desire to get isolated from people around you. You think that they don’t consider you to be a good interlocutor, and this fact offends you a lot.

If in a dream a Harlequin is following you, it means that you pay too much attention to your surroundings, but you should forget about the small unpleasant moments that they caused you before and start trusting people more.

To be in the costume of a Harlequin is a hint that you are ready to overtake changes in your life. You are not afraid to demonstrate your real nature and skills in order to develop and improve both your inner word and the world around you.

Somebody tells you that you look like a Harlequin, this dream means that you will be surprised by your richness. Most likely you will get a heritage or win a lottery or casino. But you shouldn’t reveal this fact to everybody around, if you want to avoid the envious talks.

To see a fellowman as a harlequin character means that somebody will deceive you. Try not to react to any comments of strangers around you.

If in a dream you fight with a Harlequin, in real life it will be difficult to be fooled, you competitors’ efforts will fail utterly and completely.