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Harmonica - Meaning of Dream

New, shiny harmonica foretells upcoming visit of guests. Moreover, a dreamer has not seen them for a long time, therefore it is better to get ready in advance for good entertaining.

If you dream as if you play harmonica, it bodes troubles at work (for men). If such a dream is seen by a woman, it portends that she will have a lot of boyfriends very soon. But she should not speed things up. None of them will be worthy, as their goal is only to get the desired.

If you dance with harmonica music in a dream, it foretells sorrow and tears. Your partner might start to ignore your wishes, and it will be very surprising for you. You should do all possible in order not to give your partner the possibility to treat you badly. It is necessary to make him/her understand what you really worth of.

If a harmonica is just standing on the table, it means that a dreamer has strong feelings for a certain person, but he/she is afraid to demonstrate it.

If the accordion is torn, it says that you should not show your affection, because people around may understand it improperly.

To receive a harmonica as a gift means that a dreamer will be able to achieve the desired, no matter what. To do this, he/she only needs own strength, and it is better to avoid others’ advice.

Singing or dancing with accordion foretells unexpected troubles and frustration. If you cry when music is playing, you will rejoice in real life.

If you dream that you see or hear someone playing harmonica, in real life you seek for simple natural pleasures. Play the accordion symbolizes groundless jealousy, so do not suspect a loved one in betrayal unless you are sure about this.

Harmonica in the dream – is a sign of good entertainment and pastime.