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Harness / Bundle - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of a harness which was made of a rope, it indicates your attempts on suicide, moreover if you see a soap next to it, be careful – you might want to kill yourself and this is not a good idea.

Also such a dream may indicate a desperate situation in which you happened to be trapped. But wait for a bit and the circumstances will have a completely different turn; therefore you could catch a break.

If a dreamer twists a tourniquet for several people at once, in reality, he/she will not be rewarded for own noble deeds; on the contrary, those whom he/she recently helped, will speak about the situation in a negative way and try to hurt him/her only because of the fact that he/she possesses more valuables than others.

If a dreamer can’t find any material to do tourniquet in order to stop the bleeding, in reality he/she will be visited by relatives who might stay at his/her house for a few months. This situation will be uncomfortable for everyone, but guests won’t get under way until a dreamer has money.

Harness often has a negative connotation, but at times it can presage strange and often trivial events. Therefore, in its interpretation, a dreamer has to recall the whole story of a dream.

A dreaming about a harness is also a herald of illness with possible complications. In such situation you shouldn’t delay the solution, it is better to be examined and to identify the illness, so you can avoid the complications.

If you twist a tourniquet tightly, in reality a friend might ask for assistance, and you will be unable to resist. If you dream of a twisted towel, it is a harbinger of friendly gatherings in a sauna. However, a dreamer should not drink a lot of alcohol; otherwise everything could end up in a hospital bed. For a girl, such a dream is a herald of break up with her boyfriend, who will betray her with an old lady, who might even offer him money to marry her.

Miller considers that this image in a dream doesn’t bode anything wrong, but at the same time it is an omen of small problems that a dreamer can easily neutralize. Nostradamus, by contrast, portends a theft, which will be done by a loved one. There is also an interpretation that a dreamer will meet an old friend who will betray in the most shameful manner. Harness often carries a negative meaning, but the bad events can be avoided, if you assume the necessary measures.