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Harp - Meaning of Dream


A harp is a musical instrument with the most tender and melodious sound. It is difficult to learn playing it beautifully though – the instrument isn’t simple at all. Mostly, it symbolizes a love story – beautiful, touching, but sometimes disturbing, hard-hitting and sad.

If in your dream you’re playing harp, it denotes that probably you are too trustful towards other people. Everybody knows that and tries to get benefit. Consequently, you can be easily dragged into troubles and suffer losses not only financial/material but emotional as well. It is good to be an open and sincere person, but you shouldn’t trust everyone in the world. Most of them don’t deserve it. They can hurt your feelings. So, don’t lay bare your heart for everybody. Do it only for the people who care about you and who you are confident in.

Hearing a sad harp melody in your dream forebodes a failure in some beginning. It may seem to be advantageous at the first glance but it won’t justify your expectations. Don’t be depressed about it! It is a sign from the heavens that you should not be occupied with it. This means that you’ll find something better very soon. Unsuccessful experience is also experience.

An opposite dream to the previous one is when you’re hearing a melodious harp tune which you like. If there are some troubles in your life, soon they’ll vanish. Things will obligatory sort themselves out. What you must know is that without your efforts this won’t happen. Don’t let the grass grow under your feet. Otherwise, you’ll regret about your negligence.

If there is a broken harp in your dream, it is an unfavorable sign. It foreshadows a disease. If a dream with such content has seen someone from a loving couple, it means that they may have a conflict (or even a break-up) because of unfaithfulness. Think twice before you decide to do something. Ask yourself whether you really need it. Then everything will fall right into place.

Seeing that a string of a harp is tearing is also a bad luck. It forebodes parting with your beloved. If you know for sure that it’ll make you miserable, try to do everything what you can to eliminate a possible reason for a break-up. Be reasonable and listen to your heart.

If you’re hearing a harp melody that is out of tune, it is a sign to be more attentive to your surroundings. Some of its members are liars. Probably, they are having evil intentions towards you. They will bring them to life as soon as possible. Keep a weather eye open.

Tuning a harp up, buying or selling it presages amorous adventures. If you’re still single, perhaps you’ll meet someone special very soon. Yet, some meeting may seem to be insignificant at the first sight, don’t jump to conclusions not to regret about your actions for the rest of your life.

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