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Hawk - Meaning of Dream


Hawk is a symbol of cruelty and courage. Hawk is a bird of prey. These birds have keen eyesight, they are quick and sharp. They are excellent hunters, it is easy to catch prey for them and eat it. What if you see this bird in a dream?

If you dream of a hawk, it means that you have a sharp mind, and assess the situation better than your rivals. You are like a predator can hunt for the grand prize and win the fight for it. You are able to make accurate calculations. Absence of errors in your action guarantees your ability to take care not only of yourself but also of others.

If you, like a hawk, hover together with other birds in the sky and stalk for the prey, perhaps you are too anxious about turns of your destiny.

If you observe hawk soaring beautifully in the clear sky and the sun is reflected on its wings, leaving a huge shadow it means that you will be respected and recognized in society, perhaps you even become famous.

If the predator is rapidly falling with the aim to seize its prey, it means that you will become a witness of someone else rash action.

If in the dream you managed to kill a hawk, it is a good dream. It means that in real life you will be able to defeat the evil and dangerous enemy. If a predator, which you saw, is large and black - it may be a warning of the danger. This is a symbol of imminent disaster, be sure to take it into account.

If you dream of a hawk (a day bird of prey with short curved and hooked beak) it promises you a long journey, perhaps you will leave abroad. For sick people, this dream foretells a speedy recovery.

If you dream of a hawk carrying a snake in its claws it heralds the successful completion of your business undertakings, and the collapse of all the plans of your enemies.

In the dream book you have the chance to learn many interpretation of such dream. It is important to check all meanings and distinguish which one is the most appropriate to your situation. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t be upset if you find out that you dream has a negative meaning, in fact it is just a warning of the event which you can prevent. There are a lot of dream interpreters, and sometimes they have different opinion to the same issue.

Veles dream book interprets the dream, in which you see yourself as a bird as a sign of happiness and good news. However, if someone decided to feed the bird in a dream, it means that somebody dissolves unpleasant gossips about you, and it can take away your reputation. If you, as a bird, sit on somebody’s head, such dream predicts that in reality that person might die or have a severe disease. If you dream that you are a wild bird, you can expect to receive a nice gift.

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