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Hay - Meaning of Dream


Hay is a symbol of successful and profitable business. Dreams in which you see hay, in general have a good interpretation. Such dreams can give you positive and important information, so they should be interpreted taking into account the context of the events which you see in a dream. Thus, in order to find out what hay means, you have to remember what you were doing in your dream, or maybe the dream was without your intervention.

A dream, in which you see hay, predicts an upcoming date, success and profit. Also, the dream may symbolize the achievement of sustainable financial position. Hay in these dreams symbolizes your current business or short-term plans.

If you dream that you are taking part in the collection of hay and folding it into a stack, you can be sure of a successful completion of your affairs in reality. All business will be beneficial for you and will bring profit.

Dreaming of hay, which is burning is not a very auspicious sign. This dream is a warning of the possibility of large losses. If you are able to prevent burning of hay in a dream, in the reality you will independently cope with the obstacles on the way to your goals. If other people helped you to fight with fire, and it was extinguished by joint forces, in real life you will be provided with timely assistance and problems will be solved before it can affect you.

If you are lying in hay in a dream, you can soon expect some good news. However, upon receiving the news, do not share it with other people, in order not to frighten away the joy and eliminate envy. It is better to keep the good news to yourself.

If you dream that hay has a pleasant smell, then soon you will have an enjoyable event or good news. If you sell ​​hay in a dream, it is a sign that in reality you will assist your family and close people. If you buy hay in a dream, you can be confident in your abilities; your initiative will be successful.

Dreaming of a cart passing you means that in reality you will be helped by strangers or unfamiliar people, who will have a great impact on you.

If you prepare hay for the winter, it means that you will have a happy life.

If you fall down on hay, it is a good sign – all your undertakings will be successful, but you will have to put some efforts for that.

If you feed animals with hay, it means that you will be able to ensure decent life for your family. Also, this dream means that you will receive help from someone, whom you helped in the past.

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