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Headwear - Meaning of Dream

Headwear in a dream is a symbol of excitement and surprises. It can be both pleasant surprises and quite undesirable for you. So if you dreamed of a hat, it's time to understand what this dream notifies at.

If you dreamed that you put on a hat, it is a very big trouble. But do not hurry to get upset, because these troubles will be pleasant. You will have to solicit in love or even in deals related to the wedding. In general, such a dream means joy, which will require you to focus.

So it's time to do something which you’ve dreamed of for so long, because now is an auspicious period, which will bear fruit and will give good results.

But cap with holes or just in a bad condition portends failure and shame. Perhaps you can soon experience the feelings of shame because of own behavior or because of a wrong decision. Be careful and try to control all actions and deeds.

At the same time new and beautiful cap portends only good. It foretells honor and good position in society.

If in a dream you had a few caps on your head or one but very large, it is related to the upcoming family troubles. You might have to solve many problems that will come into your house. So, it is better to be ready for anything that is connected with your family.

If you dreamed of a color hat, it bodes great joy, which will appear unexpectedly. This may be associated with personal life and work, or maybe with studding. In general, it may be related to any aspect of your life.

But faded cap with monotonous colors, especially if it is black, in this case it indicates sadness. During this period of your life someone or something can really frustrate you. But you can prevent it, remember everything that happened to you lately and try to analyze it carefully.

But if you buy a hat – it portends something unexpected. Often, this dream foretells unexpected guests. If the cap is bright and colorful - you'll be glad of the meeting, but if on the contrary - the meeting will be unpleasant.