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Hearse - Meaning of Dream

If you dreamed of a hearse, get ready for a serious family conflict. Alas, the trouble won’t end up with this. Your business partners will try to cheat and deduct your income. And it is not surprising that you will be quite rough when expressing displeasure with the situation.

If in a dream you overtook a hearse with your transport, this is a bad dream, foretelling the sorrow and sadness. Hearse stopped right in front of you blocking the road - your enemies seem to be tired of waiting and soon will begin a massive attack against you, moreover they will use all means: slander, fraud, perjury, and false documents. You need to concentrate and think carefully about the protection plan. Try to discover the weaknesses of your enemies, and then you will be able to adequately respond to their attacks.

Empty hearse predicts sadness and grief. Hearse with a dead portends sad news. It is possible that the news will be related to the death of your close relative. If you ordered a hearse for obsequies, you may face failures in the financial sector and non-profit monetary transactions.

In Miller’s interpretation if you saw a coffin in the hearse - unfortunately, this dream does not bode well. Ahead you may face troubles, sickness and adversity. If you were inside a coffin, you are threatened with scandals or serious illness. If you silently watched a hearse, get ready for failures in business, sorrows and conflicts in the family. If the hearse blocked the road, it bodes that you will be the winner in the fight with your enemy, who was considered as invincible.

According to Vanga, if you approached a hearse out of curiosity and suddenly read your own name on the coffin - think of such a dream as a warning: apparently, your present existence resembles a stagnant swamp, you stuck in the stress of everyday life and do not see anything except your own problems. It's time to change the lifestyle and habits, as people tend to develop with age.

Empty coffin is a symbol of the emotional stress and inner emptiness. If you carried the coffin in a dream, you will make unscrupulous actions that adversely affect the fate of your loved ones.

If a coffin falls from the hearse, it is considered as an auspicious sign that promises that the guardian angel will save you from a terrible disaster.