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Heat - Meaning of Dream

The heat in a dream symbolizes a great burst of energy. Such a dream says that now you are full of energy and can achieve great success in all endeavors. If you are somewhat talented, it's time to realize own ambitions and to reach certain heights.

If you languish in a dream because of heat and severely suffer, it is a sign that in this period of life you became lazy, and you can lose a lot if you do not change your priorities. If you experience physical pain because of heat or your body can stand it, this dream portends recovery in real life. If not to consider health problems, the heat is a clear sign of impending drought.

Miller believed that the heat may indicate your physical ailment, perhaps at this moment in your life you experience fever and require serious medical help. In addition, the heat can mean hot weekday, in which you will have to work a lot. Vanity, everyday chores, unsolvable problems will be your companions in the coming days.

Vanga interpreted the heat in the house as a harbinger of pure feelings. It's a time when you meet your greatest love and will be immensely happy. For all unmarried people, this dream promises upcoming marriage and many romantic events. For those who already have a family, the dream symbolizes harmony, love and understanding with their families.

Freud stated that if you felt heat, you will finally meet someone who can warm you with own feelings. In sexual terms this dream will bring unforgettable impressions, which a dreamer didn’t think of before. The relationship with a partner will be passionate and exciting. But if you are uncomfortable with the heat in a dream, be ready for deceit and betrayal on the part of a sweetheart.

Most often, this is evidence that a dreamer unconsciously wishes to get rid of any limitations, and possible complexes in intimate life. A dreamer wants to fully surrender to the power of the senses and sensual fantasies. Perhaps a new partner will be able to assist with the implementation of the desires.

If a dreamer feels intense heat and has fever, it is possible that in the near future he/she will have to experience a great shame for own actions or the actions of a beloved one.

According to Dream book of a Wanderer, the heat is an omen of family happiness. The spouses will renew the passion.

If the heat reigns in the streets, it foretells that in real life you might experience trouble and fuss.

The heat in a dream may symbolize too close intimate ties that burden the dreamer.

If you experience the heat at own home, it is a harbinger of a headache. In general, the suffering from the heat is not a good harbinger. It can symbolize the failure and the inability to implement own plans and objectives. More often than not, one of your friends is the culprit of such failures.