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Hedgehog - Meaning of Dream

A hedgehog in our dreams is a favorable sign. It bodes huge success in all our future beginnings. Our way to success won’t be deprived of different troubles and pitfalls though. But a person who saw a dream with a hedgehog will overcome them courageously and masterly. If he/she set some goal, this person will do everything to reach it.

However, such a dream is also a symbol of your carelessness. You treat the things which deserve particular attention and seriousness rather negligently as well as your responsibilities (both working and domestic ones). If you have chosen to follow this path once and for all, you should realize that you will hardly achieve anything significant in your life. Your carelessness refers not only to your work affairs, but to your health too. You show your indifference even towards it. There is no need to say more. It is a myth that a person cannot change himself/herself during his/her life. A person can do anything if he/she really wants it.

If you are holding a hedgehog in your hands in a dream, it signifies that you overestimate some person in your life. He/she will show you soon that you are mistaken – there will appear a situation in which this person won’t justify your expectations. Unfortunately, it can happen that this person will not only disappoint you, but also let you down. So, you should be very attentive towards the people from your surroundings. You’d better not trust them fully and not lay bare your heart. They won’t appreciate it all the same. Moreover, they may use it for their own selfish ends.

Being pricked with a hedgehog needles means that somebody weaves a plot and spreads gossips about you. The worst thing is that it is not pure words, they can really hurt you.

If a hedgehog has wound itself into a ball in your dream, it signifies that you should keep your eyes open because you can make serious mistakes in the nearest future. Unfortunately, it will be very difficult or even impossible to correct them. Your unreasonableness and rashness will make you regret.

Also, such a dream characterizes you as a person who would rather escape from a problem than solve it. You almost never drive a nail home. It is definitely a negative feature of character. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t be afraid or ashamed to make mistakes. Everybody does. That is how we learn.

According to Sigmund Freud, a hedgehog in our dreams is we ourselves. Its needles embody our attitude to others and perception of the world in general. Too often we meet with hostility the people who honestly want to help us or give an advice. Also, we push away those who aren’t indifferent to us because we don’t believe in their sincerity. Perhaps, it is a sign for us to become milder.