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Height - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of height, then expects a lot of interesting events from life. If you observe a high tower in a dream, you will receive good news and a promotion after awakening. For a woman such a dream is a manifestation of devotion on the part of her man. If you climb to a height it bodes you succeed in life.

Any kind of height on your way is a symbol of obstacles on your way. And the more of them you see the more troubles you will have to cope with, most of all it will be connected with business. The destruction of something high, which you visited before, foretells encounter with disappointments in reality.

Height in the dream book of Miller interpreted in the image of tower or mountain manifests your desire to achieve success in life.

The height of a tower in a dream book by Vanga is a manifestation of elevated feelings, fulfillment of dreams and overcoming of obstacles. If you conquer the height with great effort, then reality will have to overcome many obstacles and difficulties. The height of a beautiful mountain, hill or tower symbolizes desires and feelings which fill your soul.

If you build a high construction by using rocks and blocks, it foretells you difficulties in achieving something you want.

According to Freud if you besiege and storm the tower in a dream, it portend disability to win women's attention in reality. In this case, the object of your dreams is indifferent to you.