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Helicopter - Meaning of Dream


Helicopter in the dream, is a symbol of power and wealth.

Helicopter for many of us is a transport that is used for personal travels by rich and famous people or by military in hot spots. Therefore, in our subconscious it is associated with opposing concepts, wealth and happiness or war and catastrophe. So if you want to interpret his dream and learn what helicopter means, you need to remember the dream in detail.

The helicopter can be seen in the dream if you are threatened by some danger; it is a warning to be cautious.

And if you are at the stage of romantic relationships, the helicopter seen in the dream can be a signal that it is time for you to relax, take a trip together with your soul mate and forget about the troubles and problems.

If in the dream you are a helicopter pilot and you fly slowly while admiring the beauty of the land, it means that your excessive attentive to the work will be evaluated properly and you will have fast promoting and career growth. If you control the helicopter alone, it means that in life you are trying to escape, to run away from all problems that you personally create by lying or holding out hope. You have to deal with the situation and do not run away from it, explain your actions and deeds to your surroundings, they will understand you.

To dream of a helicopter that falls down means that you need to get together and be vigilant when dealing with the mechanisms and controlling of vehicles.

And if you were flying on the helicopter, that had suddenly crashed, it means that your fate gives you the chance and the problem will be resolved in your favor.

If you stay on a desert island or jungle, and you see a helicopter and set the signals for help, but the pilot does not notice you, it means that in real life nobody will bother you with their problems and they know that you will not react on them.

The appearance of a helicopter in a dream is a symbol which leads you to success in life, which you will experience at work or at home. Typically, this means that the dreamer can get tremendous success in his life, which will be the result of hard work.

Similar meaning have all sorts of helicopters, which do not need runway to take off.

If you see a helicopter flying high in the clouds, it is possible that you will reach high success in your business or work.

There are various aspects of the dream with the helicopter, among which you can see many differences. In addition, each of them points to some definite meaning, concerning the life of the individual.

In general in you see yourself flying in the sky, it means that you will reach your goal and your position is stable. You firmly believe in own power and abilities, which help you all the time.

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