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Hell - Meaning of Dream


Hell is a symbol of the difficulties that you experience at the moment. There are no hopeless situations; you just need to look at it from a different perspective.

A dream in which you see yourself in hell, foretells that you succumb to different temptations in real life. You will commit mortal sins, and will be fairly punished. It is the possibility that you might suddenly die in front of other people. If you feel guilt to the God, you will stop all sinful deeds.

If you see hellfire close to you, you might get into trouble or receive unbearable tasks, which will be very difficult to solve and get rid of.

To be covered will hell fire in the dream, means that someone will knock you out of the right way and you might perform a bad action. If you walk out of the fire without injuries, it means that you will face a lot of troubles in real life. Be ready to stand out own opinion.

If you drink hell boiling water or eat out of infernal tree, it means that your affairs will worsen, there is a possibility of disaster and you might shed someone’s blood.

In the dream you see that your face got black in hellfire, it means that you will be pleased with evil deeds of Allah’s enemy. Your deeds will be judged by others and will not get appreciation.

If you found yourself in hell, but you don’t know how and when you get there, it means that you will be very poor, by abandoning all your responsibilities, fasting and prayer.

To get out of the hell and start a normal life, means that soon your journey will end and you start abstemious and pious existence.

If you feel like a prisoner in hell and you suffer all its anguish, it means that you will face upcoming suffering in real life. It is a sign of severe events and internal bitterness. It is better to be more socialized and friendly.

Last judgment in the dream without violence and anger means that you will gain the fulfillment of your goals and plans. No matter which sphere of your life it will affect.

To escape from hell in the dream, means that you will wait for very long till your friend pays off a big debt, and returns your money. After all, your debtor will do you a big favor by getting you acquaint with a person who can consult you in the issue you need.

If you see someone of your friends in hell, it means difficulties and troubles. You might even receive some news which will tell you about misfortune that happened to your friend.

To scream in hell, means that your friends will not be able to help you solve difficulties with your enemies. If you scream and unable to manage your fear, it means that something I wrong in your relations with friends.

If you see hell with horrifying tortures, it means that it is time to cleanse the soul from evil actions.

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