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Hemp - Meaning of Dream

It is believed that hemp in a dream is a sign of unqualified success in all matters, especially those related to monetary profit and business.

Dream books also say that hemp foretells a fulfillment of devout wish. However, at the same time books note that for girls, dreaming of hemp field is not a good sign, this dream can mean a quick quarrel and/or separation from loved ones.

In addition, if you grow hemp in a dream, it is also a sign of bickering and strife.

If you use hemp for its narcotic purposes in a dream, it is also a bad sign, it means that in the near future you will lose some small useful thing (for example, the keys of the apartment).

If you get into jail (or incur any other liability) for the cultivation of hemp, it is a sign of quarrel with family and friends. For a girl, it's just the same as the above dream about a hemp field, may mean upcoming painful breakup with a young man.

If you dream of a hemp field being burned (similar to how the Drug Control Service burns illegal planting of the plant), it heralds the emergence of something new in life. The same meaning has a dream where hemp is mowed and gathered in stacks, as usual grass.

Well, if you dream of an animal that eats hemp (cows, goats, sheep), it means that you will communicate with incompetent people, who have a high level of self-appreciation. At the same time, if you dream that a cattle got lost in a hemp field, it means that you will have compelling circumstances which will prevent the realization of your plans.

If you dream of hemp growing in a pot on a window sill, it means that you can count on a pleasant surprise in reality. If a pot of hemp was standing on your window sill, your dreams will surely come true.

Drying hemp in a dream symbolizes the monetary profit. If you dream that hemp is growing in the middle of the road, it is a sign of expensive gift from a good man.

Dreaming of separate hemp leaves portends the receipt of money (the more leaves, the more money); if they are dried, the dream will come true with absolute certainty.

In a dream you buy hemp, it means that you are stuck in financial troubles. Soon you will be able to solve your problems with a help of new meaningful contacts.

To see a dream where you sell hemp, means that somebody whom you sincerely love will disappoint you soon.

For a married person to smoke hemp in a dream, means that he/she will have fights in family, because of his/her spontaneous actions.

For a man, a dream with hemp means the beginning of difficult period at work.