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Hen - Meaning of Dream

There are a lot of variations of dreams, and you need to remember whether the chicken was running or pecking grain, how many hens you saw, and what their color was. For a more accurate interpretation you should consider all the details.

If you dream of a hen, get ready to host unexpected guests. If you saw a hen with chickens, the guests will come from afar and you will need to wait for it. Especially, if a hen doesn’t sit still, you will be involved in a big celebration or feast with distant relatives whom you have never seen before. Also, this dream heralds the birth of a child. By itself, the dream is very positive, and portends good.

If you see chickens with hen, the dream signifies that you pay special attention to home, family life and prosperity. If you see hens pecking the grain, it tells that you will avoid all financial problems. In terms of weather, a chicken portends rain.

If you hear chicken chuck, this is an alarming dream portending possible disease. Perhaps, you didn’t visit a doctor for a long time and didn’t do any preventive measures; but remember that you should protect your health.

You may also dream of flutter in a henhouse, and this is a herald of the same situation at home with noisy and cheerful company. Chicken flock promises successful business, financial independence and a good profit.

A hen with eggs means that you have chosen the right direction in business which will prosper.

If you bought a hen, the dream foreshadows that you will receive the news. Same meaning has a dream in which you eat chicken.

If you dreamed of chicks hatch, this is a reminder: your children require more care and attention than they actually receive.

If a hen pecks you, it states that you do not communicate with your family because of all the troubles and chores. You should forget about your concerns and share your warmth and care with your relatives.

One negative aspect of such dreams is if you saw a black hen. This is surely a bad dream related to sacrifices. In life, anything can happen, and the dream suggests that it is time to give up on something and sacrifice own desires or needs.

No matter what you see: a chicken, a hen or even a cock - still, you must live with pleasure and notice only positive moments in everything.