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Heraldry - Meaning of Dream

If you see a dream which is somehow connected with heraldry, it symbolizes evil in its interpretation.

Dreaming of any heraldic sign from the monogram to coat of arms foretells that all your attempts to take a higher level on the social ladder will fail.

Coat of arms is a dream-tip: you need to be self-developed, while doing public service, regardless of the flag of the country you have seen in a dream. Perhaps, you will be actively involved in large-scale political event (referendum, elections, etc.).

Most often such a dream portends nothing good, it's a sign that soon you might need to sacrifice own interests in the sake of public.

Especially, it is a bad dream if you see the coat of arms on the door of a building or a wall.

If you draw, write or just see your monogram, this dream shows your interest to one powerful man.

Dreaming of someone else’s monogram foretells that in life you will have a new relationship - chummy, real friendship or love.

To dream of coat of arms or shield with its image is not a good sign. All your attempts to achieve a high position in society will end up unfruitful.

To dream of some papers certified with official stamp means to receive very important news.

Coat of arms in a dream is not a good sign. Your partner will be disappointed in you and soon leave you. You need to change the situation, if you are interested in preserving the old relations, and bring something new in your personal life.

Blazon in a dream means headache, illness; to see it at own home - high position. It also means - state and military secrets, punishment for crime and political event.