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Herbarium - Meaning of Dream

If you see herbarium in a dream, it is a sigh of the obvious disappointment. You might have unpleasant meeting with somebody from your past.

To go on expedition and collect a herbarium in the woods foretells longevity, happy and long existence.

If you collect herbarium very attentively, devoting much of your time, and then dry it out, it is a harbinger of arid summer.

If you look at the herbarium which you have already collected, it tells you about a long life.

To collect herbarium, dry plants, prepare albums is a sign that you will succeed in an important affair, preparations for which requires careful work and a lot of attention.

Herbarium means getting methodical lessons, capable to dry out brains.

Dreaming of lovingly collected herbarium of rare plants listed in the Red Book is a sign of joyous event, for which you'll arrange a noisy feast with many invited guests. A unique collection of minerals, which you see in a dream, foretells the difficult issues for which you will need to demonstrate the strong will and stubborn character.

Dreaming of a certain collection foreshadows that in the near future, you will purchase something precious, which you have long dreamed of, but didn’t have chance to buy.