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Hercules - Meaning of Dream

In Roman mythology, Hercules indicates a strong will and vitality of a dreamer, and the success, which he achieves easily. But also it has the meaning of unjustified arrogance, and conceit.

If a woman sees Hercules in her dream, usually it means disappointment in her partner. Some features of character or sexual behavior she expected to be better. As a result there might be quarrels on this ground. If you want to save relations, try to enjoy things you have and don’t hope for more. Mostly people don’t change in this age. Still if you desire for more, you can try to find a better love, but there is no guarantee it will be easy for you.

Dreaming of the mythical hero Hercules indicates that in life you do not have enough determination in own actions. Don’t afraid to make mistakes, everything you do or try will only teach you how to live further.

If you see yourself in a dream in the image of Hercules, it bodes that you will face unexpected events that will compel you to show all courage and honestly and openly express own feeling to your management.

Such a dream also means that you exaggerate your real abilities and capabilities. Sometimes it may signify that you will not get promotion. Don’t be upset, soon the situation will change, and be polite with your boss.