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Heretic - Meaning of Dream

A heretic as a dream image is rather multilateral one. It cannot be interpreted univocally – it has both positive and negative meanings.

If in your dream you have become a heretic, it is a sign that you will reconsider your life completely. Probably, there will appear some situation which will push you to look at your ideals and priorities anew (it can be death of someone you love; betrayal of your closest friend or beloved; etc.). Correspondingly, having changed them, you will change your life aims and desires as well. What was important to you some time will lose its value in the future. These changes are not necessarily for the worse. You’d prefer to think that they will be helpful and useful in your life.

Being present at a medieval court trial where a heretic is judged means that soon you can find yourself in a place where you shouldn’t have been. Apparently, you will become a witness of some unpleasant or even illegal scene – from a quarrel of a couple to a theft and even a murder. Depending on its seriousness, you can be dragged into a long handling. It will take your time and efforts. But it is your duty to go through all this if you really can help an innocent person!

If you saw that heretics were put to death in your dream, it suggests that you have rather narrow outlook and intellectual development level. If you have some global plans for the future (for example, to start your own business or work at some respectful and serious corporation), you’d better make sure that your abilities correspond with them. There is a possibility that you will have to refine yourself.

For a woman/girl seeing and talking to a heretic in her dream denotes the break-up with her husband/boyfriend. Everything depends on the situation and people. You know better what to do with your life.

Also, a dream in which man or woman is talking to a heretic refers to inner harmony of these people.

If a man is a heretic in his dream, it is an unfavorable omen. It implies that he may become a victim of some fraud in the nearest future. So, keep a weather eye open not to suffer any losses.