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Hero - Meaning of Dream

A dream with hero as a main character has a lot of different meanings.

If a woman sees a hero, who defends her against enemies in a dream, it foretells that soon she will be trapped in a hopeless situation, which will be the consequence of her partner’s actions.

If a man sees himself in a dream as a hero, it signifies that he has to face the betrayal of a loved one, which he will not be able to forgive. Even if you do not consider yourself as a conservative, in heart, in the formations of the unconscious you search for values, which others consider outdated. Despite this, they seem much more valuable to you, than all the innovations that are actively introduced today in all spheres of society. You try to avoid the slightest changes of own life and consider them to be enemies of own existence.

Dreamer himself in the most coherent, dramatic stories of dreams always acts as a hero. Such stories often are fatally-prognostic, or can create idea of his destiny in general. The specific interpretation is held by the storyline and the characters acting in a dream. Overall the dream involving a "hero" - means a strong life experiences, trials, fateful adventure, and difficult, dangerous achievement of goals or victory.

If you dream of a popular action movie with hero, it portends good tidings, and prosperity.

If you dream that you have become a hero, for example, demonstrating courage in fire, this dream is deceptive, and prepares you to failure.

To be a hero of a movie or a book forebodes that you will suddenly change your environment, or start on a tour.

For a girl, to fall in love with a hero portends that in reality she will lose a good friend.