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Heroin - Meaning of Dream

If you see yourself using heroin in a dream, it foretells that soon you might catch a disease. Also heroin in a dream is a sign of possible communication with an addict. Be careful, you might be sentenced for violations of the law, followed by punishment.

If you feel the effects of drugs on your body in a dream, it is a signal of intermittent disease which takes your vital energy.

In a dream you see opium, this dream says that you can avoid the danger if only you think and act fast.

If you feel the effects of opium, you will have severe weakness and disease.

This dream means impersonation of implementation on the level of neurons in certain program. It also, refers to alien thematic information that becomes the basis of action in consciousness. It may indicate the activation of a core of some complex. Thus, it is an indication of a person, who activates these processes.

People, who take drugs, appear in a dream as a sign of relations with questionable people. Such people will forget about own promises and will leave you alone in difficult situation.

If you dream that you are a drug addict, then you will have a complex life stage ahead, which will be accompanied with a lot of troubles. The world of your illusions will be grossly violated: someone whom you considered to be a friend can betray you.