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Heteroptera - Meaning of Dream

Heteroptera is a group of bugs, among which are true bugs and bedbugs. So, if you happen to see some of the bugs of this classification in your dream, it suggests that in your surrounding there are people who experience the strongest envy to you. If a woman dreams of a typical bug, it's a warning about the insincerity of her lover. Unfortunately, he will demonstrate hypocrisy and vile duplicity.

If you feel that your bed is infested with bedbugs, it states that somebody of your friends is trying to gain your trust, posing to be your well-wisher. In fact, at any time you should be ready for the betrayal. If you squash a bug, this is an unfavorable sign warning about unpleasant events and health problems.

In Miller’s dream book, bedbugs foretell misfortunes of different level. If you dreamed of a lot of these insects, the dream portends some tragic events that may happen very soon.

Dead bugs are a harbinger of serious disease, which would entail a series of mishaps. If you crush the bugs and see water instead of blood, it forebodes that you may become very ill, but the disease will be successfully treated. The dream book states that such a dream may prevent the accident.

If you see bugs crawling on clean white wall, this is a harbinger of the disease, the outcome of which will cause you great anxiety. As a result, the anxiety will be in vain and everything will end up quite good.

In Freud's interpretations, the bedbugs are small creatures and therefore are considered as a symbol of children. If in a dream you crush bugs, it indicates your desire to have intimate relationship with a young partner. At the same time your fantasies may include the elements of sadism.

If you dream that bugs suck your blood, it reflects your negative attitude towards children. A huge number of bugs that caused the dreamer’s confusion, tells that you never dare to have a large family. You understand that your potential is not enough to properly provide your family with anything they want. Moreover, sometimes such a dream shows the complete refusal to become a parent. If you empoison bedbugs, it tells that you cannot bear children’s presence in your life. Furthermore, not only other children are unpleasant for you, but also your own.