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High heels - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream you were wearing elegant shoes with high heels, be ready for upcoming implementation of all your plans. If you broke your heel on the walk, it portends a small trouble, or the loss of some cheap stuff.

The purchase of shoes with high heels indicates that you are ready for major changes in life; subconsciously you want to start a new business.

If you were wearing shoes with low wide heels, in real life you are burdened with uncertainty and vagueness, which you are trying to get rid of. Thin high spike heels indicate that you should rethink your importance and opportunities. If you are the owner of the massive heels, in reality it points to the strong and good relationships within the family, the presence of loyal friends and stability in business. Stiletto heels indicate hidden jealousy of a good friend that will lead to the break of relations with her.

In Miller’s dream book a broken heel for a young girl is a warning about the possibility to get into trouble, which may lead to loss of reputation. The acquisition of high heels indicates the upcoming changes. Low massive heels of your shoes indicate your desire to find stability.

According to Freud, if a man dreams of a woman wearing high heels, this indicates his rich imagination and erotic fantasies, which remain unfulfilled in reality. Such a man considers himself resolute and energetic, but others do not see these features in his character.

If a companion of man was wearing shoes with a broken heel, it tells about the dominance of a man in sexual relations. A dream, in which you broke the heel and proceeded walking, reminds about recent misfortune in sexual relationships, which leads to emotional stress and self-doubts. In this situation, it is necessary not to focus and try to regain your intimate life back on track.