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Hindhead - Meaning of Dream

If you saw a hindhead in your dream, you can relax and calm down, it does not bode anything bad. Very soon you will seriously ponder over upcoming business or troubles, because this part of the body portends muse. If you saw the nape of your husband (wife), it tells that you really miss him (her) in your real life. Be sure to call your soul mate and talk, it will be much easier for you to endure the separation.

If you carefree scratched your head in a dream, it bodes that you will have unusually intelligent ideas. Do not laugh, they are really good for you; by all means pay attention to them. If you saw the hindhead of a close relative, it is not a pleasant sign, presaging disease of that person. Nevertheless, you should not get upset, he/she will quickly recover.

According to Miller, if you saw your own hindhead, it seems that the problem has driven you into a corner; you are confused and have no idea how to behave next. Unfortunately, present circumstances prevent you from adapting to a specific situation.

If the image of the hindhead caused a feeling of disgust, in reality you feel helpless before the bureaucracy or limitations of others. If you scratched your neck, it tells that very soon you will tackle the challenges which you never had before. If you felt severe pain in the neck, this dream foretells dissatisfaction, anxiety, sadness and longing.

If a stranger hit you on the head, you will receive news that will surely amaze you with its implausibility.

If you see blood out of the crushed hindhead, this adverse dream foreshadows troubles to your close relatives. If you gently pat your loved one on his/her hindhead, in reality, you really miss his/her attention and care.