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Hit / Beat - Meaning of Dream

If a married woman dreams as if her ​​husband beats her, most likely, some misfortune will ruin a steady flow of their family life.

Dreaming of fresh cold wind hitting you right in the face means that the fate is favorable for you: proceed safely with an affair and do not be afraid of any difficulties.

If when dreaming you felt an overwhelming desire to break the dishes hitting them on the wall, it signifies your suffering from a lack of confidence and excessive shyness in real life. Unfortunately, these features stop you from enjoying life and making progress in career.

Miller stated that if don’t know a person but dream of him hitting/kicking you with his foot, it signals of your well-being and upcoming wealth. If you are a man and you hit your wife, this dream tells that you will lose strength and self-confidence. If a woman beats her husband it is not a good dream, predicting troubles and misfortunes.

If you were beaten by a stranger, this dream states that that you will provide yourself with patronage of a wealthy and influential person. If you dream that women beat each other, it means that you will suffer from a serious illness. If you were beaten by your superior, it means that you will mourn for your parents.

If you beat yourself, it signal of your large fortune and benefit. To hit a lover means that your secret relations will soon be known to others.

If you hit someone with pleasure - be careful, your incontinence can greatly harm you.

Vanga’s dream book interprets cruel beating as an apparent fact that you encountered a powerful attack which you can’t resist. Do not blame yourself, you just didn’t have time to secure yourself timely, that is why you lost. Calm down, you need a little time to understand what is happening and re-enter the battle.

If you successfully managed to avoid a beating, it indicates your clever and enterprising personality who has the ability to come off the most confused and hopeless situations with honor.

If you bear the brunt, protecting your beloved one, it means that due to the negligence and imprudence of your relatives you might experience great losses. If you deliver a stroke, this dream foretells unexpected news.

If you beat a child in your dream – be ready for problems with relatives.

If you hit unknown people, it means losses. To beat somebody who is weaker than you means to encounter serious problems in life.

If you witness of somebody’s fight, be ready for disappointment.

If you beat animals, it symbolizes problems with health and finances. If you beat a fly, it will cause you family wellbeing, and acquaintance with your soul mate.

If you beat a dog, you may fight with a close friend, to beat a cat means betrayal.

To beat a horse means that your insidious plans will collapse.

If you crash tableware into pieces by hitting it on the floor, you won’t be able to avoid quarrels.