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Hitch-hiking - Meaning of Dream

If you try to catch a car in your dream, in other words hitch-hike, it is a sign that your plans don’t have essential background. Be careful with your business. Success might be temporal, and profit – false.

If you pick up a hitch-hiker, it means that some serious troubles will influence your affairs. It symbolizes the obstacles due to the interference of third parties in your affairs, and urgent need to deal with other matters connected with friends, relatives or acquaintances.

If you dream that you had to hitchhiker in your car, it means that you should not rely on help of strangers in the implementation plans.

If you are not able to stop a passing car, it is a sign of the obstacles in the affairs due to the lack of care or support from people that you hoped for.

If you dream that you are trying to catch a ride on a highway or talk with the driver, the dream suggests the fragility of your deeds and plans. In those days, you should be wary of your endeavors - success may be short-termed, and benefit - deceptive.

If you pay money to a driver, it is a sign that some of your plans may result in significant losses. Often these dreams suggest that in reality you expect unplanned expenses or the deal which you start will be unprofitable.

See yourself coming out of a ride, indicates possible misunderstandings and disorders with partners.

To dream that you are hitchhiking, means that you deserved to be where you are. To reach some place by hitchhiking means that you show activity in life position.

To go abroad by hitchhiking means that you will fearlessly meet and overcome all obstacles on your way.

To go home by hitchhiking means that soon you will be involved in an unusual venture.