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Hold - Meaning of Dream

If you dream as if you hold documents in your hands, it says that you can lose a lot because of own inadvertence, and it is possible that the trial will have a judicial character. If you are in love, this dream foretells the break up. If somebody handed you the documents, this person will trust you an important matter. If you hold a testament in the hands, it indicates that you are a creator of own destiny and are able to achieve all your goals.

A dream in which you hold a razor says that your plans differ with boldness and courage, and it can harm colleagues or relatives.

If someone is holding a hedgehog in the hands, it says that you will have to follow someone’s opinion.

If you hold a seed of mustard, it foretells imminent disappointment. Holding the ears of wheat predicts the receipt of deserved reward in the form of big profits. If you collected not enough ears, some of the hopes will remain unfulfilled.

If you hold raw chestnuts, it means that you recall sorrows too often; if they are fried, your plans will be executed.

If you see someone holding bags of money, in reality you won’t be able to carry out the scheduled affairs and therefore you will be depressed.

Holding keys means that you are endowed with confidence of a respectable man. For woman, this dream predicts boundless trust of her sweetheart.

Flower in the hands is an auspicious sign foretelling the fulfillment of desires, joy and respect.

In Miller’s dream book, if you hold a piece of paper in the hands, it is a sign heralding loss, and lawsuit. For a girl, this dream predicts a quarrel with her beloved one. A married man should avoid public quarrels; otherwise he will be in the center of a series of gossip.

If you hold gold, it is an auspicious sign indicating your ability to reach good results. If a woman in a dream receives gold as a present, she will get married to a rich but selfish man. If she holds dirty walnuts, it predicts that her beloved one will pay attention to another girl, and she will regret own actions. If a woman holds a cat, she will have to adapt to new circumstances. If you hold poison, it bodes that troubles will haunt you.

If you receive flowers and hurt your hand when holding it, Vanga interpreted it as a prediction of betrayal of a loved one, from which you will suffer emotionally. If you hold a willow branch, it symbolizes joy. Burning torch in the hands predicts great life achievements.