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Hole - Meaning of Dream

Hole in the fence, for example, can mean that a dreamer has missed something important in his/her real life, and because of this, all plans have collapsed, and the desires were not fulfilled. In addition, according to the interpretation of some dream-books, the hole can be seen by those who waste time and energy in reality, or who is burdened by something worth of getting rid of.

Also, it is believed that a hole seen in a dream can be a kind of personification of the "hole" in the soul, some negative qualities of character. In particular, this dream is seen by people who do not want to admit that they have dark sides. In addition, the hole can symbolize a kind of despair, and the need to move to another state, to a new level.

If you saw a hole in the wall, it may signify some unexpected opportunity that can allow to move to a new level.

If a person has fallen into some hole, it is likely that he/she risks being in bad company or contact with poor people who will make him/her go broke.

Dreaming of a hole in the clothing tells that you should be alert. This dream may promise some gossip that can ruin your reputation.

In addition, the torn pants, skirt, shirt or blouse can signify the deception or betrayal. Among other things, the hole could mean that distraction and irresponsibility of a dreamer may lead to a lot of problems in the future.

Also, torn clothing can mean that a person will soon have to face with some spending or financial problems, so he/she should be ready. A hole portends a stressful situation, for example, due to the fact that there will be a meeting with something (or someone) that the person does not expect or even fear.

If you crawl through some hole, it bodes that you will be offered some kind of scam, which you need to avoid, because it won’t lead to anything good.

If you dreamed of a hole in the ceiling, then be ready for an event that can lead to a loss of confidence or hope. A hole in the floor could spell a complete collapse, so in this case you should be fully prepared.