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Homeless - Meaning of Dream

If in the dream you see yourself being homeless, it means that you will be disappointed, and you will lose prestige/undermine authority.

If your friend becomes a homeless person– beware of betrayal of this person.

According to modern dream book, if you see yourself in a dream being homeless, it means that soon you will become a witness of some unpleasant incident. If you see how your friend has lost his permanent place of residence, you should avoid high-risk banking operations.

If a homeless person in a dream is a girl, she should be afraid of a man who might be two-faced. Dreaming of an old and ragged homeless man warns business people about the possibility of financial losses. To avoid them, they must carefully plan the work and time.

If you give alms to a homeless person or provide any other assistance, it means that your life is subject to some shocks. You need to cope with the situation as quickly as possible; otherwise it will cease to be controlled. Be careful in business and do not let things drift.

Miller interprets a homeless or vagabond in a dream as a sing that you will experience suffering and poverty. If a homeless person is not you, but a stranger, it means that you effected by people around you, who have some oddities in behavior. If you dreamed that gave charity, it means that your generosity will get a decent estimation.

To be a waif in the dream is a sign of your desire to reach strong authority in your surroundings, but at this period of time your efforts are futile.

If you give alms to a waif, it means that you waste money and it can lead to devastation.

If you see a homeless puppy in a dream, its interpretation explains it as your necessity to pay more attention to communication with God.

If you see a waif child – be careful, somebody might steal your money.

To help a waif to find home means that you dream of estate.