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Homeopathy - Meaning of Dream

To see a dream, in which homeopathy was used on animals, in reality you have to tolerate rudeness and boorishness of a colleague who may dislike you for some reason, and will do everything in order to make you quit your job. There's nothing you can do about it, so the only solution - is less contact with him/her and try not to co-work with him/her.

If a friend in a dream tells you that he/she was able to recover with the help of homeopathy from a serious illness, it portends that in reality he/she will have a severe ailment.

To watch the reportage about homeopathy on TV indicates that you actually need to help a sick relative, so do not build big plans for the near future, as they are not destined to come true.

If in your dream a friend recommends you to use the services of a homeopath because you look bad, in real life, you should see a doctor because your serious medical condition requires emergency treatment.

Homeopathy can be interpreted in different ways, but you should bear in mind other symbols of a dream, just so you can select the appropriate option.

Dreaming of homeopathy bodes a disease which will not last long, however you will need to restructure your schedule and change plans. Being a homeopath means that in reality you will have to postpone your vacation, because you will have problems with health.

To be treated with homeopathy means to receive an invitation to a dinner party, which you happen to miss because of a new friend, who urgently needs your help.

Making an appointment with a homeopath foretells a disease which requires a diet. If a girl had such a dream, it indicates that she neglects to visit a doctor, as a result her health may deteriorate significantly, and she will find herself in a hospital bed.

To practice homeopathy on own health and bode means to have problems at work, this will lead to poor health, so you should work less.

If you are going to become a homeopath, in reality you will get offended by a person whom you trust, as he/she will reveal your secret, and therefore harm you.

If a woman fell in love with her doctor homeopath, then this dream foretells a new lover who will be much better than her husband, but she will not dare to ask for a divorce. Homeopathy in most cases indicates that the health of a dreamer is not in good condition, so you should listen to the voice of own subconscious and get tested.