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Hood - Meaning of Dream

Hood is one of the clothing symbols. This cape on the head is a good protection from the bad weather - wind or rain. Therefore, the figurative meaning of this symbol is relevant - protection, patronage.

If to talk about feelings, it is likely to have positive association. Hood provides with warmth and comfort. However, a hood doesn’t have a straightforward meaning. The interpretation mostly depends on the story of a dream together with the feelings that a dreamer experiences.

If you wear a hood, you will be able to find a patron, and this is the main thing in current situation. The need for such kind of support is due to problems at work. Your close person or a relative may become your helper in this situation. The main thing is that the help will be opportune, because the troubles will appear like a bolt from the blue.

If a girl dreams of a hood, she will definitely get married successfully and her choice will be deliberate. The husband will be devoted and, most importantly – hardworking and economic.

Young men after such a dream can also count on the meeting with new representatives of the opposite sex. But they shouldn’t completely trust women, who appear in their lives at this period.

A person in a hood is a sign of someone’s dishonesty. Covered eyes are the sign of deception in reality. Your colleagues may get you into trouble in the most inopportune moment; therefore, it is better to rely only on yourself. Women should also be wary of possible disappointments. Cheating is likely to be performed by a loved one.

However, this image may not only be ominous. If a stranger in a hood does not scare you, the threat in life will not be terrible as well and problems will be negligible.