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Hoof - Meaning of Dream

If you dreamed not of the hoof itself but of the sound of running horses, then this dream portends the change of places of residence, it will be rapid, similar to the flight.

What if you dreamed of a hoof of small animals? This means that the problems of life are quite insignificant and soon they will be solved without anyone’s interference. In this situation a dreamer may relax because the situation will have a happy ending.

If the patter of hoofs is heard by a young guy, he will receive a draft notice. If in a dream he rides the horse, it tells that he will be promoted on service in a short time. If he dreamed of hoofs of goats, sheep, or rams, it indicates that he will have very hard times on service, but his girl will be waiting for him, and this fact makes him strong.

If he sees himself lying next to the horse hooves, it is a sign of disease and troubles, he will be literally trampled. Therefore it is necessary to get out of somebody’s path.

If a hoof in a dream was seen by a man, perhaps soon he will face troubles, problems at work, and reprimand from a boss. If a man saw a horse's hoof, the troubles will be big; respectively, if the hoof is cloven, the problems will gain momentum like a snowball.

If you heard the clatter of hoofs, but you did not see the owner, this dream heralds office romance and intrigues at work.

However, a hoof in a dream does not necessarily mean anything bad. Maybe, you were riding the horse on the eve of this dream; your fear to fall from horse resulted in such a dream.

If a young girl dreamed of a hoof, she will have an upcoming wedding with a handsome groom; the wedding is fast, perhaps due to the imminent birth of a child. Anyways the wedding will be loud, lush and cheerful.

If she saw a hoof of a small animal, then the groom will be ugly and bad. If it is a hoof of the black horse, the groom will be handsome, most likely brunette. For adult women a dream about hoof does not mean anything. An exception is the dream where she first hears the patter of hoofs, and then sees her partner on horseback. It's a sign of long and happy life in marriage. If she sees is a herd of horses, then her life will be filled with different adventures and pleasant surprises. Her life will be full of care from loving children and people around.