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Hook - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of a hook for knitting, this is an indication of a confusing situation, which will be quite difficult to solve. It is necessary to beware of intrigues and gossip, and then the trouble will bypass. If you dream of a crochet, it indicates that you are going to use all means in order to achieve your goal.

If you dream of a peg in the form of a hook, the dream book promises valuable acquisition, but at the expense of others. It is not necessary to abandon such gifts, but it is worth to be careful, because you might have to pay for them. A hook on a hanger is likely to cause the lack of money, so you should be careful with the nearest large shopping.

The hooks in a dream are different; therefore the interpretation of dreams is also different. If you dream of a door hook or a latch, it is usually because of some mystery that fills your life and that should not be disclosed to anyone.

Some dream books treat such hooks as secret fun love affairs; however if you lock a door with a hook, in reality you may face lies that may soon cause quite awkward or uncomfortable situation. But if you open such a door, the dream foreshadows the intervention of a stranger, who can influence your progress. In this situation, pay attention to new acquaintances that will soon appear in your life.

Sometimes, a hook may portend family problems and troubles caused by a complete stranger. But if you prick yourself with a sharp hook, in reality get ready for some wanton insults. But the positive thing in this situation is that the one who has offended you will suffer a decent revenge.

If you dream of a strange hook, it bodes that you will look for some very important and valuable things. For this search you may waste a lot of time, money and health.