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Hooting / Beep - Meaning of Dream

To hear hooting while you stay at home and the sound is too loud and obnoxious, it foretells that you might accept an offer that will not do you any good. Try to be careful in making decisions in upcoming future. This dream has also a medical interpretation. If you permanently dream of the buzz, it may be the increase in intraocular pressure, be sure to consult a doctor!

See or hear a beep is always a warning. Whether it is a bad or a good warning it depends on what kind of beep you heard and how loud it was.

If you hear a loud long beep, it is a signal that now is the time to do something which you dreamed of for very long. After this dream you should immediately act and do not delay, because the time has come and can’t wait any longer, otherwise you may lose a chance to achieve own goal.

To hear a buzz of insects means to be a subject of gossip. If you know where the buzz is, you will know where the gossips come from. If you toot, it is a sign of increasing work or a substantial increase to your salary.

If other person makes some sounds and you do not like it, but you can’t stop it, be ready to meet with unpleasant officious person.

To dream of a buzzer in own hands portends that you shouldn’t disclose your secrets to people around, unless you want it to become public. If you hear someone blowing a horn, it means that this person knows your secret and tells it to everybody.

If you blow the horn, it forebodes that you might reveal someone’s secret by accident.

Toot from afar barely audible portends that you will get to know about unpleasant slander.

Factory whistle or siren reflects your groundless worries or alarming news that will not hurt you.

To hear long tones in the telephone while nobody picks up portends means bad news.

Honk of the transport (car, steamboat, locomotive) foreshadows the arrival of guests, possibly unexpected. The honk of arriving trains means that prolonged business will soon get off the ground.

For a married woman, to make buzz sounds in a dream means a quarrel with her husband. For the rest – it means unexpected events with good news.