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Horoscope - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream you study horoscope of another person, then soon you will have a very close communication with people or one person who express prepossession against surrounding people. Moreover, such communication will not bring you joy.

If you hold personal horoscope in your hands, it foretells that in a short time, you will have a quite interesting acquaintance, major changes in business for the better and long unplanned trip.

If a person in a dream saw stars predictions about own future, there are some serious trouble ahead, as well as great disappointment because of no luck; the result of affairs will be difficult to predict. That is why in upcoming future it is not recommended to start a new business or change a job.

In case, a person in a dream studied the horoscope, then he/she must be seriously prepared for the future and begin to involve special deeds to improve it.

Dreaming of horoscope forebodes that you will have to think about finding a new job, and take care of some additional sources of income in order to improve own financial position. You might come to the understanding that people around you don’t fit your image and you will have to find more suitable and decent company.

If you make up your own horoscope, this dream may indicate that soon you will become suspicious with people around. After a detailed study of your friends, who belong to a particular zodiac sign, you will consider them as serious enemies, womanizers or cormorants. Particular attention will be paid to the individual qualities of a person.

If you want to read your horoscope in a magazine or newspaper secretly, for other people not to know, it means that you hopes are unfulfilled.

If a woman in a dream can’t get to know own horoscope, in reality she should be ready for a serious disappointment that will haunt her for quite a long period of time.