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Horseman / Rider - Meaning of Dream

To see a horseman in a dream is a favorable sign. For a young lady, a dream in which she sees a rider on a white horse, signifies that she is still waiting for her prince. Unfortunately, not all the stories are implemented in life.

If you see that approaching rider is your beloved one, it tells that in real life your jealous mood is absolutely groundless.

Rider - warrior, knight, or just a person on a horseback is a sign of luck, rise of vitality, inspiration, and protection.

Dreaming as if you are a horseman means that you can control own destiny, your desires will be fulfilled.

If you see yourself on the horse, it promises you career growth and success at work.

The White Rider in a dream – is good, black – is danger in life.

A horseman who is blowing a horn portends good news. Horsewoman in a dream means trouble.

If you are riding fast and purposefully - then after 20 days all your troubles will be solved. But if a horse is barely moving its feet, it is a harbinger of illness in the next 2 weeks because of your worries.

If you see a rider hurtling at you at full speed, in reality you will receive a sad letter and will have to go to another city for 2 weeks.

If a horseman rides away from you and his horse raises huge clouds of dust, then your life is about to enter a new stage. Perhaps, at 11 am the next day you will be asked to take new responsibilities or new position upon yourself.