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Hostage - Meaning of Dream

Hostage in modern dream book suggests the helplessness and inability to find a way out of a difficult situation. Sometimes a dream about a hostage can portend the limitations of freedom and the feeling of being tired out.

If in a dream you take a hostage, it signifies that your colleagues or business partners hide the truth from you about some important matters. If you saw a complete stranger performing the role of a hostage, this is a bad sign, presaging disease due to poor nutrition. Conversation with a hostage predicts serious digestive problems.

If you suddenly realized that a hostage is your friend, it bodes that soon you'll have to correct the errors made by frivolous colleague. Sometimes such dreams can predict poverty and hunger.

In a dream you were risking your life you set a hostage free, this dream portends that you will demonstrate the courage and perseverance in the upcoming trials.

According to Miller, if you were a hostage in your dream, most likely in reality you are accustomed to rely on the help of others. You do not believe in own strength, so you constantly come off a loser.

In a dream you took a hostage, then get ready for the fact that you won’t control your development of your affairs. It looks like someone will really try to confuse you. Unfamiliar hostage predicts troubles with health. If a hostage in your dream was a familiar person – get ready for the desperate struggle with the challenges and adversities prepared to you by fate.

If you became a hostage as a result of negative circumstances, you can safely rely on luck. If you were among other hostages, this dream promises failure in business because of your laziness or carelessness. If your good friend took you as a hostage, get ready for betrayal on the part of this person. It is possible that he/she wants to ruin your personal life or fill your bonnet at work.

If you had a terrible dream in which you were killed as a hostage - beware, your career is in danger.