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House - Meaning of Dream

The interpretation of the dreams about a house depends on the surrounding circumstances. As a rule, the old house is a sign of the ills of life, or diseases. If the house is destroyed, it hints on your necessity to move out. It is also the evidence of financial difficulties. If in your own house you see unpleasant people or animals, it indicates that you are not capable of harmonious relations with others. Building of a house is an auspicious sign, predicting changes for the better. This can apply to both career and income growth, and personal relationships.

Miller interpreted a dream in which you search for a good house as a disappointment with people. If you dream of yourself as of a homeless man, it says that you must be prepared for failure, which will accompany you in almost all cases. In addition, you might face severe financial difficulties.

If you move from one house to another, you are going to receive unexpected news and go on a special trip. Leaving home is an unfavorable sign for a girl. It predicts that in her surroundings she has devious people capable of dirty slander. If you stay in your old, but comfortable house, then you are lucky to receive good news. Abandoned, empty, broken-down house is a sign of sorrow and trouble.

A house, in the dream book by Vanga, if it is small and homey, predicts the fulfillment of desires and a happy family life. Big house indicates the period of successes in your life. It will bring great relationship with loved ones, and financial well-being.

If you go out of the house, it portends possible diseases, which can lead to tragic consequences. After this dream you should avoid risk and be attentive to own health. A house, abandoned by the owners, portends a difficult fate. The dreamer will wander the earth and experience many disappointments. If you manage the building of a new home, it suggests the need to use the favorable period of life to purchase the real estate. If you found yourself in totally unfamiliar house, it bodes major changes that await you in foreseeable future. This dream may portend, for example, change of job or relocation.

The house in Freud's dream book is considered as a symbol of a person. Moreover, if the facade walls are smooth and there are no terraces, this is a male symbol. If it is a terraced house (balconies, loggias), then it is a symbol of a woman. If a man was able to climb to the terrace in a dream, it tells that he has deep feelings towards his partner and he is serious about their union. For a woman, this dream can be ambiguous. On the one hand it says about the need of female care, and on the other is a sign of love with the same sex. If a dreamer climbed onto the roof, it indicates his/her conflict character which causes complications in relations. Damaged or destroyed house indicates the possible diseases.