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Hunchback - Meaning of Dream

If you see a hunchback in a dream, it foretells unforeseeable complications in the future plans.

Sometimes dreams are very strange and unexpected, things and people that you can see force to think hard about its meaning. You need to think again about your plans for future. It may prove to be erroneous and unenforceable. If you correct some acts which you perform in order to achieve own goals, you will avoid big disappointments, and also save yourself from possible trouble.

Mythology, by contrast, interprets this dream as a sign of something pleasant, a surprise - the event or purchase in the nearest future.

Family dream book suggests that you shouldn’t schedule any important event in upcoming future, as most likely you will encounter some obstacles.

But if you see yourself as a hunchback, this dream promises wealth, but it didn’t fall suddenly from the sky, you earned it by hard work.

If you have a dream, where a hunchback is not alone, it indicates your overly critical attitude towards others; after all this behavior may subsequently become an obstacle in achieving goals.

If you want to interpret such dream as a subject of love affairs, it can mean a disregard of own wishes and feelings for the sake of a partner. Also, your partner might be not serious enough, and treat your relation with some humor. If you see such a dream you should review your attitude towards your partner and devote more time for yourself, your self-sufficiency and individuality.

Esoteric claims that hunchback, seen in a dream will force you to review relations with others, perhaps some of your surrounding does not want to take responsibility for own actions and shifts it onto your shoulders.

A dream book of wanderer interprets this dream quite differently, in his vision such a dream is a very good sign, which prophesies luck and unprecedented success. Perhaps, you will have a successful acquaintance with someone of the opposite sex, what will also bring a lot of joy. If a dreamer is a hunchback, it bodes that he/she will get unusual wealth, fortune, and business will go well. Also, this dream can promise good health.

If you see a big amount of hunchbacks wearing long black robes - it means that you will experience intangible outside influence, confusing and affecting the sobriety of thoughts and firmness of actions.