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Hunger - Meaning of Dream

Dreaming of many hungry people around tells that in reality a dreamer will face difficult plight. But if someone gives them food, it portends that the situation will be corrected with a help of friends. If a dreamer feels hungry and can’t find food, it is an omen that friends turn away from him/her, and all because of his/her pride.

Also, this dream can predict economic problems, so it is better not to overspend.

Dream as if hunger appears suddenly indicates that a dreamer was beaten by life many times, but in the future there will be another terrible blow from which it will be very hard to recover. Also, such a dream could presage a betrayal of a loved one, and everyone will know about this.

If a woman eats cakes greedily and can’t satisfy her hunger, it foretells a meeting with a young man who will please her with many presents and attention. These feelings will be so strong that she would not care what other people think, as well as her husband, who has never showed his affection.

Hunger often portends all sorts of hardship and distress, but there are also positive interpretations of this symbol, you just need to take into account the presence of certain things in a dream. And not to get lost in deciphering of a dream, you should describe it on paper, and then begin decoding each element.

If a person dreams that he/she is hungry, then in reality he/she will be betrayed by his loved one. The dreamer will not be able to do anything, because everything is done behind his back, he will only observe how events will unfold and solve problems as they appear.

Dreaming of hunger is a harbinger of financial difficulties, so in the near future you should not make major purchases in order to avoid debt.

In order to understand what hunger means, you should recall if there was a dog in a dream. If so, then a dream is a harbinger of emergency engagement, but there will be no wedding, as the bride will betray with the best friend of the groom.

Dreaming of a lot of hungry animals, which are about to pounce on a dreamer, means serious trouble. If a person has successfully run away from them, it portends that he/she will stabilize the situation without big loss.

If you announce a hunger strike in a dream, it portends a divorce, which was about to happen for a long time.

Such a dream for unmarried girl says that she is too demanding for her boyfriend, and her whims have already got him.