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Hunter - Meaning of Dream

Seeing a hunter in your dreams is a prediction that soon you’ll meet some person/people you haven’t seen for ages but always wanted. Unfortunately, due to some circumstances it was impossible to do. In the nearest future such an opportunity will be in your hands. Don’t contrive to miss it! Communication with this person will be like a breath of fresh air for you because in spite of a long period of time you haven’t seen one another, you are still soulmates. You’ll feel that you can still trust this person as yourself. There is an ocean of themes you can discuss day and night. Think about the fact how happy this meeting can make you (and necessarily will). Are you sure that you are ready to lose this person again? If not, make something up to prevent it. Remember that the world is your oyster.

Being a hunter in a dream characterizes you as a person for whom stability in his/her life is the most important thing. You hate when something changes often and rapidly. This trait of character is reflected in each sphere of your life. When you strike up relationships with someone, you expect that they will be long-lasting and steady. Correspondingly, you are a reliable person. Your sweetheart is (or will be) lucky to have you. Your authorities and colleagues can also rely on you. If you get down to some project, you will obligatory accomplish it in the most qualitative way. Regarding this, your financial position is stable too. Although, there is a little minus – it is rather difficult for you to get used to changes. Never mind. Your virtues greatly outweigh your insignificant disadvantages.

If a woman has seen a hunter in her dream, it designates that a worthy man will devote his attention to her. You will be as safe as houses. You will understand at once that it is the man you have been always looking for. Never take this happiness for granted. Make him see that you care about him. Confidence in one another will help you to overcome all problems in your relationships.

Being in a forest and seeing a hunter there signifies that someone will control and constrain you and your freedom. It is not necessarily something negative. There are more pleasant variants. For example, it can mean that you will be employed. To work for somebody denotes to submit to your authorities’ will. Also, it can stand for striking up a relationship with some person. In some sense, it also restricts your freedom because you are to think not only about yourself now, but about your darling too. So, as you see, such a dream symbolizes rather significant changes in your life. Whether they will be positive or negative is up to you.