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Hurricane - Meaning of Dream


Hurricane is a symbol that carries a powerful energy. Hurricane can be interpreted both as a favorable and unfavorable sign. It may be destructive, may lead to serious changes in your life (a row of unpleasant events). However, it may also be a symbol of sweeping away everything on your way, preparing you to a new life. Therefore, you should be ready to change and try to open up for a new relationship, which can bring you more colors in life.

It may have many meanings, depending on your personal position vis-à-vis the hurricane. However, in all variations it implies drastic changes in your life.

The place, where you met the hurricane also plays an important role. If it’s a sea hurricane, expect a sequence of pleasant events. But if the hurricane is on land, then the sequence of unfavorable events is waiting for you. But don’t get upset, because the situation may change very soon, and you will forget about the troubles in your life!

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