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Hygiene - Meaning of Dream

If personal hygiene becomes a topic of your dream - it points to the experience from your previous actions. You simply can’t forget your past habits and interests. Or maybe you need to clean yourself on an emotional level. Is it a time to start all over again?

Bathing and washing when dreaming may indicate your need to escape what you think only hurts you. But a dreaming as if you are taking a warm bath that causes you pleasant feelings and relaxation may be associated with your memories of how good it was before your birth, when you were in the warm womb.

Jung's followers believe that showering in a dream is a harbinger of inner renewal. After such a dream, you will feel lots of energy to begin a new stage in life and to become more confident.

If you wash your hair, this dream indicates that in real life you are trying to get rid of someone. To wipe the body or hair with a towel in a dream symbolizes disappointment with own sexual life.

The dreams, where you appear naked and outsiders can see you at the time when you wash, indicate the excitement and anxiety that plagues you in real life. Freudians believe that such dreams are associated with frustration, that a dreamer experiences in real life due to the inability to realize own creative potential.