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Hypnosis - Meaning of Dream

A dreaming, in which hypnosis is used on children tells that a dreamer is in danger, and he/she should not sign any documents in upcoming future, especially if they are related to the transfer of ownership, as he/she ventures to be deceived. If the hypnotist directs a person like a puppeteer, this dream indicates that a dreamer should be very careful, otherwise he/she risks becoming a toy in other very capable hands.

Also, this dream suggests being more careful with money, and if possible not to make any investment, otherwise you can just lose it. It is worth to worry about family and loved ones, they may need help, but do not dare to ask for it.

If the dreamer managed to hypnotize a snake in a dream, it foretells that his/her enemy will be confused and out of the game, all because of dreamer’s strong and thoughtful action.

Hypnosis can be interpreted differently, for example, if a dreamer is under influence of hypnosis, it indicates that someone has strong effect on his/her life. It is imperative to put an end to this situation; otherwise, a dreamer will not reach anything worthy.

But when a dreamer acts as a hypnotist, it foreshadows disclosure of secrets that will contribute to the promotion, but at the same time, this situation will strongly upset friends and will be the reason of their discontent.

A dreaming of hypnosis, which was used in the crowd states that in reality someone will deceive many people, and it will last for quite a long time. But if the crowd is hypnotized by a dreamer, it bodes that he/she will deceive people. When the crowd suddenly releases out of hypnosis, the deception of the dreamer will be exposed, and he/she will not avoid a scandal, so it is better to tell the truth, otherwise he/she will need to face shame.

If you know why hypnosis appears in your dream you can adequately cope with the blows of fortune that has this symbol. So if a dreamer is involved in a hypnosis session, it foreshadows his/her failure in business, therefore he/she needs to carefully prepare everything in order to avoid misunderstandings.

When a dreamer was able to hypnotize someone close, it bodes that he/she will be loyal and would never do anything against dreamer’s interests. But if a friend had released from hypnosis, it tells that he/she will bring sorrow and disappointment; and friendship will be questioned.

If a dreamer sees that someone had hypnotized his soul mate - it portends a betrayal, followed by separation. If a dreamer is trying to hypnotize a few people, but it does not work out - in reality he/she would have to persuade someone, but his/her efforts will not be fruitful.